Some Kicad footprints and lib are available here


This Program convert dualshock 4 signals to OSC. The sources are available on Github and the binary here

Colors generator

Beat synced Syphon colors generator.
Code is available here and binary here

SVGLines first prototype

SVGLines is a little tool that simplify basic mapping operation. Just put it full screen and create your shapes. (double click to close a shape) Then press 'r' to render a svg file that could easilly be imported in after effect The first release of this tool could be find here

Video Sonic Synth

This is a test project. His aim is to create elements, whom parameters could be sent to any virtual synthesiser. He was made to experiment the interactions between sound and video (find the relevant parameters to correlate sound and video effects). All the parameters will be sent over OSC. Everything will be recoded in C++ and openGl when this prototype will be finished.

A first version of the code written in Processing could be downloaded here
The C++ prototype have been tested the 10th Feb. 2014 !
Here are some screenShots of the synth as it was for is first launch :
photo : P.Pinsard

The code could be find here. I also have a project without Syphon for linux user, contact me if you are interested.
For basic use, you just need to click where you want your ball to be. You can tweak all the parameters in the xml file provided with the project and change the textures of each ball.

The key options are :
- f -> fullscreen
- r -> remove all the balls
- l -> to show or hide the links
- c -> toggle curved links
- p -> to show two permanent balls
All the rest (circles, transparency of objects...) could be tuned by OSC using this touchosc layout.