personal projects and collaborations (selection).

ìf - Ice Cubes

Custom electronics , generative audio and wireless comunication.

The two cubes where emmiting generative sounds when moved.
They where speaking with a computer via a wireless and triggered the video rendering.

For more info, contact the artist : Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff

La yourte de Melquiades

Technical advise, video and hardware setup.

La yourte is an itinerent tent that projects documentaries over 270°.
The projection system is autonomous and uses 3 short throw beamers.
At the end of the video, the public could connect their phone to a web page and here some amazonian sounds from their phones.
For more infos, you can connect with Marcho.


Live video content and mixing
More infos here

La folie des glandeurs

This show took place, in Villeurbanne (FR) the 10 february 2014. The aim was to test lights and machinery effects. Due to the weather, the last part of the show was canceled and replaced by the first test of the Video Sonic Synth (see code page of this site).
Here is a little report of what happened :


The project consist in a total integration scenography including music, vidéo and machinery performance.
The whole system was designed in collaboration with Labrat. It claims to be modular and adaptative to others installations.
the first Launch happened on 31 october 2013 @Le marché gare,Lyon, France
More infos at :

Electrobotik 2013

Custom electronics , and software.

The party took place in Marseille FR on the 6th of July. The costumes where evolving in the structure outdoor and on the top of the ceiling. The design build and tuning was realised with Labrat. Each costume is unique, and was realised in Marseille by the labrat's collaborators.
Each costume is individually programable to perform chase with the leds and electroluminescent wire. The performer control is costume by a remote placed on his harm.
The next step of the project is a wireless remote implementation in order to control all the costumes from an unique controller.

Official site :
A second version of these costumes was made a year after. You can find the photos here

El Nafas

Video, live projection and technical installation

El nafas is an oratorio written by Tarik Benouarka.
The first of the piece was played on the 14 april in the national theater of Algeria. The video material was created in collaboration with the composer and the vidéo creators of MIR 941 based in Lyon,FR.
More informations on the composer and the music.